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[ID:1205]JK Fiber Laser welding system / System 5000 Work Station with JK2000FL / 2000 Watt fiber laser source / 1080 nm output / Manufactured 2014 / Currently set up for welding /  Capable of cutting and drilling / It is equipped with Aerotech PRO165 X and Y axis stages and a Aerotech PRO115 Z axis stage with A3200 drivers / This system is in new/unused condition / 200-240 Volt, 50-60 Hz, three phase power required / Please contact us for any further information.....Request Quote


[ID:1190]nLIGHT model nanoPFL IR diode laser / mfd. 2011 (never been used) / laser is rated 20W at 1064 nm / rep rate: 20-120 kHz / pulse width: <1.2 ns / Laser is commonly in PV (photovoltaic) scribing/edge deletion. Laser can also be used for marking, engraving, trimming, micro-machining, and precision drilling. Original manufacturer's shipping crate included. Additional pictures/more information available upon request.....Request Quote


[ID:1177]Unitek Miyachi Nd:YAG laser welding system / Model LW100 / Manufactured July 1995 / Rated 100 watts max, 50J/P @ 1064nm / Currently configured with a single fiber launch / 220 Volt, 3 Phase, 50/60 Hz power required / Includes enclosure, manuals, fiber optic, beam delivery with camera mount, and remote control pendant.....Request Quote


[ID:1181]Lasag laser scan head / This scan head assembly was originally integrated with a Lasag KLS series YAG laser. Scan head assembly is equipped with CMS Micromark 1 and CMS GSC-2A-325DT. The laser had very little use (1253.1 hours). Please inquire for any further information. / additional pictures available upon request.....Request Quote


[ID:1182]CMS YAG laser scan head / includes: computer, software, and driver board / Scan head is equipped with flat field lens as pictured. Scan head utilizes Cambridge Technology Inc. model #: 6860 / Computer has LaserGraf software and houses X/Y galvo control board Cambridge Technology Inc. galvo driver model #: CB6580REV D / Please inquire for any further information. / additional pictures available upon request.....Request Quote


[ID:1171]A.E.L. (American Electronic Laboratories) Tempest Receiver model ATTR-2193.....Request Quote


[ID:1139]Unitek Miyachi accessories available: Fibers: Total of 5 (Two are in package, three are not) 400um X 5m S.I. part # 4-60099-01 / Weld heads: (3) FOL030A-7070-QB / Weld head stands: (2) Mod. 91217.9 Cat. Special Mod, (2) Mod. 8-633-02 Cat. LS/XYZ ***One has digital readout / also available: fume extractor.....Request Quote


[ID:1165]Lumonics Luxstar control module model E80X7980X. Rev N.....Request Quote


[ID:1161]NEC/AOI laser source model FX-1801 / mfd. Nov. 1999 (~249,000 shots) / Laser source is tested and operational. However, we do not have the cooling drawer. / System is equipped with two fiber delivered weld heads. / If you require any service, this can be performed by a third party company. Also, consumables (not included) are readily available / Please note: Pictures show two systems, one has sold.....Request Quote

Click here for a Video clip of the NEC/AOI laser in operation.


[ID:1137]Rofin Sinar Powerline RSY 100 D / manufactured May 2006.....Request Quote


[ID:1096]Rofin Sinar RSM 103D diode laser marker / mfd. 2001 / System is currently set up to run on 110 VAC power. / Laser is equipped with Spectra Physics T20-8S40-22 diode laser source / mfd. March 2001 / Laser system is complete with scan head and computer running Windows NT 4.0, Rofin Sinar Visual Marker Software v.3.0b, and Spectra Physics T20 monitor software / Marking field is believed to be 125 mm x 125 mm.....Request Quote


[ID:1028] Many spare parts for Lasag Laser Processing Machine model LPM 302 including KLS 321 and LKS 322 laser systems.....Request Quote  



[ID:1033]Lasag model SLS 20 / mfd. Feb. 1996 / 230V, 60 Hz.....Request Quote



[ID:1204]Bio Rad MRC-1024ES Confocal/Multiphoton Laser Scanning Imaging System / Includes: Coherent femtosecond Mira 900 with Verdi-5W pump laser with less than 2200 hours on diodes / Nikon Eclipse TE 300 inverted microscope / Ion laser / Chiller, computer, software, and manuals / Just removed from a University lab / System built on 4' X 8' Newport vibration isolation optical table (included) / All components have been removed from table for shipping and will need to be mounted and realigned / Many more pictures available.....Request Quote



[ID:1198]Ekspla pulsed tunable OPO Nd:YAG laser system / Model NT342A-30-SH-H/2H / Manufactured February 2013 / Nanosecond optical parametric oscillator with Q-switched pump laser / No-gap tuning from 210 nm to 2600 nm / 30 Hz rep. rate / Pump laser: 70 mJ at 355 nm, 4-6 ns pulse duration / OPO 3-5 nanosecond pulse duration / Requires 208-240 VAC, single phase 50/60 Hz.....Request Quote


[ID:1199]Continuum pulsed Nd:YAG laser system / Model Surelite SLI-30 / 1064 nm operation / Manufactured November 2013 / Rated 380 mJ/pulse @ 1064 nm (we measured over 12 watts average power) at 30Hz rep rate with a 5-7 ns pulse width / (Doubling crystal for 532 nm operation available at extra charge. Rated 130 mJ/pulse @ 532 nm at 30Hz rep rate with a 4-6 ns pulse width) .....Request Quote


[ID:1200]Continuum pulsed Nd:YAG laser system / Model Surelite SLI-30 / 1064 nm operation / Manufactured September 2005 / Rated 380 mJ/pulse @ 1064 nm (we measured over 12 watts average power) at 30Hz rep rate with a 5-7 ns pulse width / (Doubling crystal for 532 nm operation available at extra charge. Rated 130 mJ/pulse @ 532 nm at 30Hz rep rate with a 4-6 ns pulse width).....Request Quote


[ID:1197]Coherent Mira 900 with Coherent Verdi V-18 / Both manufactured in 2004 / Mira is set up for femtosecond operation / Verdi has been tested at 18+ Watts output and has approximately 2,500 hours use / (Qty.2) Coherent T255P chillers included (One for Mira, One for Verdi) / also available, if desired: SHG for Second-Harmonic Generation / additional pictures available upon request.....Request Quote


[ID:1193]Continuum OPCPA (Optical Parametric Chirped-pulse Amplification) / Manufactured 2010 / Very short rise and fall times (200 picoseconds) / 4.5 J @ 532 nm / 6 nsec pulse width / 2 Hz rep rate / additional pictures available upon request.....Request Quote

Click here for a summary and specifications page of the Continuum OPCPA.


[ID:1195]Coherent Mira 900.....Request Quote

Click here for a Video clip of the Coherent Mira in operation.


[ID:1206]Coherent Libra One-Box, High-Energy, Ti:Sapphire, Femtosecond, Regenerative Amplifier laser system / Manufactured 2006 / System consists of: Evolution pump laser, regenerative amplifier, stretcher and compressor / System is not complete as the Vitesse 2W laser has been removed (please see images) / Includes laser controllers/power supplies, high voltage power supply, cables, synchronization and delay generator (SDG), Lytron chiller / System is being sold in as-is, where-is, untested condition.....Request Quote


[ID:1187]Spectra Physics Hurricane.....Request Quote


[ID:1153]Elight Q-switched Ti:Sapphire laser system / model Ti:Flash 210HR / 200 mJ/pulse 10 Hz 3 μs pulse duration / power requirements: 3 phase, 380V, 50/60 Hz, 3x16A / System is designed for LIDAR and scientific applications.....Request Quote


[ID:1155]Spectra Physics Quanta-Ray GCR Series / Model GCR-3 / Manufactured September 1990 / Lightwave Electronics Corp. seed laser / Model S-100 / harmonic generator model HG-2 / Manufactured May 1987 / System requires 190-250 volt, 50/60 Hz, single phase power / Was recently removed from a lab at the University of Idaho.....Request Quote


[ID:1144]Oriel breadboards.....Request Quote


[ID:1129]TMC 5' x 12' x 1' thick table / TMC 5' wide, 12' long, 1' thick optical table with 1/4-20 tapped holes on a 1" grid / This table has an air isolated, six legged frame under it that requires air pressure to float the system for vibration free operation. Top is in very good condition with very few minor scratches. / approx. weight: 3000 lbs.....Request Quote


[ID:1104]Lightwave Electronics Corp. model S-100 diode seeder laser / mfd. May 1987 / We have a picture taken through an IR viewer of laser in operation. Please inquire.....Request Quote


[ID:1117]Q-Peak model MPS-262-QS E LIDAR System / mfd. June 2000 / We believe system may be missing components.  Many more pictures available upon request.....Request Quote


[ID:1018]LSI (Laser Science, Inc.) Nitrogen Laser VSL-337ND-S / model #: 337201-00 / mfd. 1/01 / tested operational.....Request Quote





[ID:1143]Koolant Koolers Chiller / Model HCV 8000-PR-NF-L-FILT / Air-cooled / 8.3 HP Compressor / 3.0 HP Pump / Requires 460 Volt, 3 Phase power.....Request Quote


Please note: We do our best to describe the equipment. Quantities and descriptions of items are believed to be accurate, however DNA Equipment will not be held responsible for errors or inaccuracies. We generally sell equipment with a 30 day warranty. In certain instances, we offer a 6 month warranty. If equipment is stated in "as-is" condition, there is no warranty, refunds, or returns. Also, there is no guarantee of stated quantity or quality. We sell strictly by the pictures. "What You See Is What You Get" We encourage our customers to visit our facility in order to inspect the equipment prior to purchase.



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